About Us

Dorten is the mobile electronic accessories brand, created for people who value their time and money. Dorten means stylish and reliable electronic accessories, designed for people and made to serve people by making their life easier, safer, stylish and more convenient. By choosing Dorten our customers choose quality, performance and design contained in each of our product’s usability.

We pay special attention to quality, performance and design of our products to make our customer’s life easier, safer, stylish and more convenient.

While developing and manufacturing Dorten products we pay biggest attention to quality: our products meet all national industry standards of EU, USA, Australia and Japan. All Dorten products come with 1 year international warranty. Dorten products provide outstanding performance and 100% fulfill our customers’ expectations. Dorten is focused on outlining elegant design and stylish features of every product. Our philosophy is to make Dorten products as portable as possible while maintaining high quality and performance.

Our products were carefully crafted to be used by people, so during design and production stage we were first and foremost concidering how easy and convenient it would be for people to use our products.

Our products satisfy all quality standards of EU, US, Australia and Japan. When buying Dorten products, you may be sure that you’re getting a superiorly crafted product that conforms to the highest quality standards.

At Dorten we carefully craft modern and stylish design products, that fulfill our philosophy of minimizing physical size of our devices.

Our products are created to fulfill the needs of even the most technologically savvy users, those who walk side by side with the capabilities of modern technology.

Our products are crafted to ensure stable performance that makes them into dependable and trustworthy helpers for our customers’ professional and everyday tasks.